Why Malaysia and Thailand for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

The fact that Malaysia and Thailand have come up with very competitive breakthroughs in the area of abdominoplasty is good news for many from Australia and New Zealand. While only rich people can afford the high costs of the tummy tuck surgery in Australia and New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand offer great hospitals and surgeons for the common folk.

The emergence of these destinations on the medical tourism map of the world has done a lot of good to the working class. People of all walks of life can now easily afford surgeries like tummy tuck and breast augmentation in Malaysia and Thailand at a fraction of the cost of such procedures in Australia and New Zealand.

The low price of such procedures in either Malaysia or Thailand does not mean in any way that the quality of service is low. Quite the contrary is true! These countries have world class hospitals completely equipped with state of the art medical equipment to carry out these surgeries.

We all know that when it comes to such advanced surgeries, the surgeon performing the surgery makes all the difference! Malaysia and Thailand score well on this point. Many surgeons in Malaysia have acquired international accreditation/education and have huge international experience in the area of their specialty. The surgeons’ success rate has helped create a name for these countries and now more and more people from Australia and New Zealand opt for these destinations for their surgeries.

It makes perfect sense. People are flocking to these places because the surgery cost is low, the services are competent, and to add to these, Malaysia and Thailand are great tourist spots too. Who wouldn’t love to convert their medical tour into a holiday and enjoy while they recuperate?

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