Lesleys case study

Name: Lesley
Profession: Self employed
Age: 48
Country: UK
Procedures: Facelift, Breast Lift, Arm Lift and Extended Tummy Tuck
Cost of holiday:

Approximately £7,000 inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 5-star accommodation for 3 weeks; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia
Cost of just the treatments at home £25,000

Before Facelift
After Facelift
Before Breast Lift
After Arm Lift
Before Extended Tummy Tuck
After Extended Tummy Tuck

Paying for his comment
It all started in February 2006. We were on a cruise and getting ready for dinner. My husband said in passing that it was a shame my boobs had gone droopy. That was it – he had to pay for that comment. Boobs led to face lift as well and getting my arms done. When I arrived I threw in an extended tummy tuck as well.

I decided to go abroad, as multiple procedures could be done at the same time and also the cost was a factor.

No amount of diet and excercise would take my boobs back the way they should be, and that charming comment from my husband would not leave my mind.

I checked out surgeries at home and abroad. The price at home was out of the question and also they would only do one operation at a time. Also at that time, I didn’t want anyone else to know what I was doing.

I picked Beautiful You Holidays because the communication was efficient, and everything was explained and detailed on the website. I was a bit nervous but some of that nervousness was probably travelling so far on my own.

Recovery with lots of shopping
Everything went very smoothly. The hospital and surgeon were great, as were the Beautiful You Holidays staff. I wasn’t too worried the morning I went for surgery, as my surgeon was very nice and gave me confidence. I had my surgery on Wednesday and left the hospital for the hotel on Saturday morning.

My recovery was really quick. I was up and about 2 days after the operation. I met up with a girl from New Zealand and we went shopping and had meals together. The shopping was tremendous – not to be missed!

My family’s reaction – priceless!
I was nervous going home, but the reaction from my husband and family was amazing. My husband just kept looking at me.

I feel great and am thinking about a couple of other little things. I feel much more confident; and 6 weeks after the surgery I was wearing a bikini on holiday. Long time since that happened.

Take sports bras with you, as the choice over there is not very good. If you are thinking about it go for it. It will be such a boost to your confidence.

The Beautiful You Holidays staff made everything go so smoothly and the girls are so nice, and very supportive.I would recommend Beautiful You Holidays to anyone, and have already. If I was doing anything else, then I would definitely use the BYH service again.

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