Tips for a Successful Tummy Tuck Surgery in Malaysia and Thailand

Picture this: Ms. X is married and a mother of two. She is also a dancer and her misshapen post-pregnancy tummy bothers her a lot. One day she decides to visit her local hospital to check out details of the tummy tuck procedure. The surgery rates quoted by the hospital really bother her and she thinks the surgery is beyond her reach.

We disagree! You can get a tummy tuck, a rhinoplasty, a breast enhancement surgery or a liposuction coupled with a comfortable stay at a five star hotel at a beautiful and exotic location…all for a far lesser cost quoted by any hospital in Australian or New Zealand!
Cosmetic tourism has seen a huge rise in South East Asia in the past few years, including Thailand and Malaysia, for these key reasons:

  • Good medical care under the supervision of able and internationally certified medical professionals
  • Great after care
  • Comparable pricing

If you decide to go for one such procedure at either of these locations, you can choose from a variety of packages available to you based on the type of procedure you wish to go for. You can also select the hotel you wish to stay at during your recuperative period. Both Malaysia and Thailand offer great prices for typical cosmetic surgeries including body lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, face lift and such. Many of the doctors who perform these surgeries in Thailand and Malaysia have had their training overseas and can be compared with some of the best surgeons in the world.

If you take advantage of the services of professional companies that arrange cosmetic surgery holidays in Malaysia and Thailand, you can rest easy that everything else will be taken care of! You will be picked up from the airport, brought to your accommodation, transported to the doctor’s clinic for consultation, visited after the procedure is done and so on. After the surgery, you can recover in peace and at your own pace. Once you are well, you can even get to enjoy shopping at local markets as you will not need to worry about any daily duties. Language is also not a problem because most of the hospitals offer English speaking staff.
However, if you do decide to choose either of these locations, make sure that you:

  • Choose a doctor who is experienced in such procedures
  • Speak to the doctor at least once before you fly in
  • Check out the ‘before-and-after’ photos of some of their clients
  • Go through the company’s website thoroughly for testimonials from earlier clients

Imagine, for a much lesser cost that you pay in Australia or New Zealand, you can now explore a tropical Asian country, have your surgery done by a qualified surgeon, holiday, shop and sightsee and then fly back home a new person!

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