The bold decision to investigate

The bold decision to investigate, I had always wanted a boob job. Both my Sister in Laws had them and I think they look really good for them. It wasn’t that they had more confidence they just look proportioned. It made them want to look after themselves more. Go to the gym, not be so greedy

I started watching programs like, How to look good naked, Dr 90210 etc. But one, which really fascinated me, was about how to take years off your look. Mostly done in the USA, the people were nominated by friends and family to have a makeover. This is anything from teeth whitening to a full body lift. I was amazed; it was changing their lives. They were embarrassed of themselves, they had no self-belief or esteem and these amazing Doctors were transforming them not just physically but mentally. I strangely do have a lot of confidence, considering I’m about 2 stone over weight and not feeling good about myself. It’s a vicious circle though isn’t it? I feel fat, I feel depressed, and I have a drink. I wouldn’t say my food intake is seriously poor but I could do with drinking less in the evening! I’m complimented a lot from friends and to be honest, clothed, I look ok. When I look at myself, I see the body of a 60 year old. If those people could have small amounts of work done and feel like a new person, or the person they once were, then why not me?

After chatting with a friend at work about what I would like to do if I could afford it, she introduced me to a company who specializes in plastic surgery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I went online and started researching them and other companies. I completed an online questionnaire and roughly worked out what I wanted. I was going to have breast augmentation and liposuction to my upper and lower abs, hips, bum and thighs. I spoke to Loraine, Director of the company quite a bit. I asked loads of questions about who they use, are they as good as UK and NZ Doctors, as you do hear horror stories. She was amazing and assured me they were best in the Country. Her web site tells you of the whole process from start to finish. Craig and I sat down and really talked about it. I told him how unhappy I was with myself and that I knew this is what I wanted. Originally, Craig and the kids were coming out but in the end, we knew we couldn’t afford for him to take the time off work and the costs of it all. The decision was made!

The next step was possibly the most painful so far. I had to take photos and email them to Loraine. Imagine not having the confidence to wear a bathing costume and take your kids to the pools or not having the confidence to wear shorts and jump in the sea. That’s me and I had to take pictures and send them to a stranger. OUCH. I was pale. I was fat. I stripped down to my pants and

Arizona took the pictures. They were vile. I couldn’t believe how bad I looked. I deleted them again and changed the lighting so it was a little dimmer. Arizona looked and said, “Mum, it’s not made any difference”. We took the pictures and when she left I just broke down. I cried and cried. I was so ashamed that I looked so bad. How could Craig, who is fit and young, possibly find me attractive? I think it was at that point he realized just how much this meant to me. The photos went off to Loraine, who was nothing but professional and supportive. I know you might read this and think, of course she would be, she wants the business but throughout this journey, every person I have met has made me feel that the decisions made are for my good, my personal benefits and not theirs. The Surgeon said I needed liposuction on my back and knees too. How to make a girl feel good eh? The price for this particular Surgeon was way out of my league so looked at another, who was well respected but didn’t have the same year’s experience. I told Loraine I was serious and booked the flight. No turning back now!!!!

You know what has been really funny throughout this experience, how much you look at boobies on the Internet. Honestly, I have dragged Craig through many pages of boobs to find the perfect pair! I’ve looked at more saggy bums and tummies than I care to count. If you ever consider this sort of work, Google images will be your home page. I’ve found a pair of boobs that look like mine at the moment and what I want them to look like after.

As luck would have it, Loraine was going to KL on one of her business trips. Whilst there, she visited Doctor Victor Cheong (the first surgeon who saw my pictures). He sat down with her and discussed what he thought I needed. She told him that I had another quote from another Surgeon and was booking with him. Doctor Victor is the number one Surgeon in KL. I was never going to afford him. At the meeting, he told Loraine to phone me and say he will do my Surgery for the same price as the other Doctor. It seemed too good to be true. Why? When Loraine came back to NZ she explained what procedures he wants to carry out. Rather than using silicon implants, he wants to perform a reverse tummy tuck. The incision is on the crease of the breast and he pulls the fat from the upper abs and wraps them into the breasts and then cuts the excess skin away. This procedure leaves no visible scaring and no need for implants (unless I want huge ones!). He then performs liposuction to the lower abs and thighs etc. it’s not a hugely well-known procedure but the results when done are amazing. When I get to KL and meet Doctor Victor, if I’m unsure or not confident, he’ll do the treatment I originally asked for. The procedures I’m paying for cost approximately $15000.00. He is offering his services, which normally cost $27000.00 for the same price; you can see why this is puzzling me!

31 August 2008
This is the Thursday before I go away. I can’t concentrate at work. I can’t sleep. I’m in a bit of state. From a personal point of view, my Daughter announced she would like to live in England (she’s 11) so we are having issues with her and her relationship with Craig is going from bad to worse. I’ll be leaving the house in absolute chaos. Arizona in counseling and Craig left holding the baby. Joy!

All of the money is now sat on the Visa and I have arranged for my money to be transferred into Ringgits. It’s done and dusted now, no turning back even if I wanted to. I’m not nervous about the surgery. I’m more nervous about leaving home and not seeing my family for two weeks. Craig said he would have surgery any day over looking after the kids! I’m regularly asking if he is still supportive and he continues to say yes but the timing is bad.

KL is really warm this time of year so I’ve been going under the sun bed to try and improve my very pale English skin. Loraine’s told me that she will be out there when I’m there so I won’t be on my own. I’m really pleased about that.

A friend from work has confirmed she is coming out in my second week. She’s having a nose job. We will look like total freaks. Sitting by the pool will be me with my compression suit and my friend with black eyes.

Monday 4th August 2008

It’s funny; I’ve travelled on a plane a number of times, both with someone and alone. I know the routine and what you need to do but this time, I completely fell to pieces. I couldn’t remember if I had to wait to check in, if I could go through to departures at anytime. Where was I sitting…. Blah blah blah. I was a wreck. I sat down, stopped crying and had to go to Customer Services to tell me where to go. What a duffus. Whilst at the airport, Shannel called to say good luck and that not to worry about Craig and the kids, she would be there if they needed anything.

In my mind, looking at the plane, it looked ten times smaller than I remembered a long haul. Seriously, I’m not concentrating at all! I flew Malaysian Airlines. I was sat next to a man who, as the flight progressed, snored louder than Craig and his breath became more toxic by the hour. It’s an 11 hour flight, watched 4 movies, ate 3 meals (2 ok, 1 not so good) and slept a grand total of zero hours.

I was collected by a lovely old man called Mr Loe. It was pure luxury being chauffer driven in a Mercedes Limo! He carried everything and made sure there was plenty of water in the car. Trust me, you will need it. The humidity hits you like a ton of bricks. Once I got to the hotel, a lady called Liz was there to meet me. Thank god someone was there; I was so tired and could barely talk. She checked me in and took me up to the room and made sure it was all clean and tidy. She handed me a small gift bag, which had a kaftan, maps, petal soaps and a welcome card. Apparently my lifeline is a lady called Ann, who I will be meeting tomorrow morning at 930am. She’s there to ensure I get from A to B and if I need shopping etc when I get out.

If you’ve never travelled to KL, do so, it’s huge! I arrived at 830pm and the skyline was still amazing. The Pertronas Towers are breathtaking. They appear to be draped in Diamonds. My hotel, the 5 star Prince Hotel, is situated in the heart of the city. It’s very nice and it’s spacious and clean. I have a 1 bedroom apartment. It’s got the biggest shower and bed. I have views of the city and the KL Tower

Tuesday 5th August 2008

I woke up at 450am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I wasn’t able to phone Craig last night. I sent a text but didn’t think it would work if I couldn’t call. I got up around 530am and started packing my hospital bag. Today I’m meeting Dr Victor. Very nervous about having to strip so I made sure everything was shaved, buffed and moisturized! I went down for breakfast (in a private room for apartment residents only none the less!). It was lovely but I’m already tired. My bag is packed, as I will spend my first night in the hospital tonight. I have my appointment at 930am, then my compression fitting and then off to the hospital at 3.00. At least at the hospital I will have my own room but I need to shop for some snacks. The shops open at 10.00 so I’m panicking about getting everything done on time.

I met Ann in reception and she is lovely. She handed me a KL mobile phone so it would be cheaper to call home. We drove to Dr Victor’s office where I met his assistant, Suzanne. The first words Suzanne says to me are “well your pictures make you a lot worse than what you are”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Ann knows everyone really well; she too has been under the knife. It’s nice to know everyone who you deal with has been there and knows the emotions you are going through. I’m measured by the Nurse and compression garments sorted. Bless my friend from work; she gave me one from when she had surgery. The nurse said it was a perfect fit. Thank god! I’m doing this on budget and a word of warning, compression garments are not cheap. Expect to pay $200 in garments for this type of surgery. To save a little more money, the nurse recommended Ann takes me to buy a couple of sports bras. Once again, the fact they were thinking of me and not their pockets really gave me confidence in them. Now time to meet Dr Victor. He was lovely. He explained what he wanted to do and what the results would look like. You have to appreciate, until they see you in the flesh, they cannot confirm what they will do. Now came the uncomfortable task of getting naked in front of strangers. I asked Ann to leave, the less people in the room, the better. The Doctor said I didn’t need any skin from the upper abs removing. He also thought I might need a mini tummy tuck. He asked if I would like some fat removing from my knees. He also said I had perky breasts and wouldn’t need a lift (a positive!). So it was agreed the following surgery would be performed:

  • The principals of the reversed tummy tuck. I.e. using the fat and folding into the breast but no skin removal
  • Lipo to the upper and lower abs
  • Lipo under the arms to accentuate the breasts
  • Lipo to the thighs and knees

If necessary:

  • Implants if there is not enough fat tissue
  • Lipo to the arms
  • Mini tummy tuck

What’s apparent is that Dr Victor is a surgeon who will not just cut you open for the sake of it. If he can save you a scar, he will. We had to take some more pictures. I asked Dr Victor if he would take pictures of the surgery and he said he would be more than happy to.

Ann and I disappeared for bit of shopping and to pick up the sports bras. I managed to nip back and web cam with the family. It was the last time I would see their cheeky faces before I went to the hospital.

If you come to KL for surgery, you need to prepare yourself. Loraine was very upfront about the hospitals and how they appear to work. You can have the most amazing modern hospital but not the best surgeons or, you can go to an older hospital and have great nurses and Surgeons. Dr Victor works from either his own surgery for day patients or the Selangor Medical Centre in Shah Alam. Ann admitted me and we went up to the ward. I was in a twin (not sharing). The room was very basic, clean but basic.

The Nurses were so good. They were friendly, kind and understanding. You get the feeling they would sell their souls to make you comfortable. My Nurse was a lovely Indian girl called Rani. She was pretty, helpful and made sure I had everything. I had all my tests for pre op and began fasting for the surgery at 8.30 the next day.

On reflection, my emotions were running high. I thought I was controlled and confident but deep down, I needed Craig, a friend to hug me and tell me everything was going to be alright. These guys know what they are doing.

Wednesday 6th August

I didn’t sleep a wink. Thankfully everything was like clock work. Dr Victor arrived at 8.00 and yet again, I had to strip in front of a new set of strangers. He marked me up for where I was having surgery and I had to slip into a gown. One thing I noticed straight away, I wasn’t given a sedative to calm me down. I met my Anesthetist and can only say I’ve never met someone quite like him. They took me down into the room where the actual surgery was going to take place. This is something they do not do in England. I was asked to move on to the table, which has a lovely warm heated blanket on it. It was surreal, watching them undone the surgical equipment and laying it out. I was given some sort of drug in my arm which made me feel completely spaced out. Dr Victor appeared, told me I was doing great and then I went under.

I woke up briefly in recovery and I was in the most excruciating pain I have ever felt and all I can remember is saying “pain pain, I’m in too much pain”.

I was I was in surgery for 5 hours. 3 of those hours were spent sucking 8 litres of fat out of me. I was told the surgery went really well and Dr Victor was very happy with the results. I was already in my compression garment and remember thinking I couldn’t breathe properly. I can’t remember a great deal about Wednesday night except Rani encouraging me to drink sips of water in and out of consciousness.

Thursday 7th August

When you fully wake, the description is more uncomfortable than full on pain. You cannot move without something feeling like its pulling or stretching. Dr Victor came by in the morning and said the surgery went very well and that I will be pleased with the results. To be honest, nothing was registering, I was in pain and I could barely move. I couldn’t eat the food they were trying to feed me in hospital and all I wanted to do was go home. I seriously thought I could look after myself. I was tired as my bed was like sleeping on a brick. I wanted to check myself out. Ann came and said it was best I stayed. Loraine arrived too; As lovely as Ann and Rani were, it was nice to see a local face. I took Ann’s advice and stayed another night. She made sure I had credit on my phone so I could speak to Craig. Rani arranged for my mattress to be changed. Its things like those two gestures that made me realize what good people Loraine had placed me with. Again, this is another emotion you go through. Apparently my crying and carrying on is the effect of coming down from the anesthetic.

Friday 8th August

Hurrah, I could go back to the apartment! Not that I could party hard but at least I could be in my own place, sleep in a soft bed and order room service. I was given a shed load of medication and told to rest and not to go out. Ann bought me back and made sure I had everything I needed. Water, phone credit, bread etc. Later in the afternoon, Hapsah arrived. She would be my aftercare nurse. Hapsah made sure my stitches were cleaned, washed my hair, put me in the shower. She very carefully unzipped my garment and this was the first chance I had to see my new body. My breasts looked full but uneven and my tummy looked plastic, not mine but straight away, I could see results.

Saturday 9th August

Possibly the most boring dull day ever. I was too scared to go out or do anything. I had room service, read my book and watched loads of films. The sleeping tablets made me groggy. The pain killers made me woozy so I was trying to use as little as possible. When Hapsah arrived, I was due for medication and needed to eat. I hadn’t touched my bakery breakfast so we both sat down and had “brunch”. Again, it was another kind gesture. She could have just cracked on but I sensed she realized I needed a little bit of company. She speaks very good English and it was nice to listen to her stories. I got a huge boost when she said I was recovering really fast and that I was moving around faster than what she had seen before.

Sunday 10th August

Hapsah didn’t come today and I went through a faze that I said I wouldn’t. I was convinced my surgery was wrong. My boobs looked odd, one was higher than the over and I didn’t think I looked slimmer. Loraine telephoned me and recommended I speak to Dr Victor, even though it was Sunday he would explain. I contacted him and he was right, he had already explained this to me but it hadn’t registered. My right breast couldn’t be stitched to my muscle or it would have ripped. He chose to hook one internal stitch from my breast to my rib cage and when it dissolves, it will lower. I love my left breast, it looks amazing and full. I was assured and thanked him for the support. If I could offer any advice, it would be to read as much on the emotional recovery as you do the physical. You can be happy one minute and question your decisions the next. You really need someone to reassure you and support you.

Monday 11th August

Today I ventured over to the Pavilion shopping mall to get some groceries. When I got there, I went into panic mode and thought I was going to fall over or someone was going to bump into me. I had to sit down, grab a coke and calm myself down. I got my bits and pieces and went back. Loraine came round and we had dinner together.

Each day gets easier and easier to move around. I find it doesn’t take as long to get out of bed. My back still hurts from not being able to sleep on my side but the pain is certainly more bearable. Though I am constantly trying to remind myself to walk up right and hold my tummy in. My compression garment doesn’t feel as tight, which is a good sign and I keep needing the loo. Lipo is a weird feeling. Your body feels numb to touch but you feel sharp stabbing pains along with pins and needles. Apparently all of these feelings are quite normal and are part of the nerves healing themselves. Thank god I have people here who I can ask these questions.

Tuesday 12th August

My Friend is here! The three of us met in the lobby to go off for our appointments with Dr Victor. When we got there, we all went off into respective rooms. My friend was having her first pre surgical meeting with Dr Victor before surgery tomorrow and I was having my stitches out. The Nurse who measured me at the start was very complimentary. She said my breast stitches were dissolvable and all the lipo stitches could be removed. Suzanne popped in and asked if I would like laser treatment for my bikini line. It was 3 times less that in NZ. How could I refuse? I had the stitches removed and Dr Victor said he was very happy with the results and I could now see my right breast was already taking the same shape as the left. He also told me it would take 6 months before I see the final results. I was not to exercise for 4 weeks and had to wear my compression garment for 3 months. 6 weeks full time and then either in the day or night.

After the appointments, Loraine kindly took us to China town to buy cheap dvd’s and what other cheap stuff we could get our hands on. She had also arranged for us to meet with Liz for dinner. We went for a curry at a place called “passage to India”, It was lovely and nice to get out for a change. The shopping and dinner really knocked it out of me.

One thing is for sure, I really miss my babies and Craig. Again, have someone with you so you can have a good cry.

Wednesday 13th August

What a great lazy day by the pool. I truly have no shame. I sat there reading my book in a black sports bra my friend bought, my black compression suit and a pair of black shorts to hide my pants. I look like a gimp. My friend is in surgery tomorrow so we are having an early dinner and then off to bed.

Friday 15th August

Today we are all off to Dr Victors again. This will be my final check up before I head off home on Sunday. I had my dressings on my breasts removed and reapplied. The Doctor said he was very pleased with the results and asked that I keep in touch. He also is a man of his word and gave me a copy of the surgery pictures. Unfortunately at this stage, I’m not able to have all the pictures as he wants to write a paper on the procedure he performed. He will ensure I have copy of this. The paper is to be published in America and the UK. I was able to have a look in his office and I was amazed. I was able to see one boob done and the other not done. It’s a funny feeling seeing the inside of your body. Perhaps some might think it’s weird but it’s been important for me to understand the whole process.

Suzanne has also given me a letter from the Surgeon stating I have had surgery and would they offer me a more comfortable seat on the plane.

Sunday 17th August

The airline was very kind and provided a seat with extra leg room. My flight was only 9 hours due to good winds and I managed to sleep for half of it. It’s great to be back and see my babies and Craig. On hindsight, I wish I had booked another week off. I’m seeing new results each day. Craig is already amazed at the results. Each day gets easier and easier but I’m still struggling sleeping on my back. My sides are still too sore.

Plus points and negatives to the whole process


  • I had absolute trust in Loraine of Beautiful You Holidays and what she was organizing
  • I instantly liked and trusted Doctor Victor
  • I fully understood what was happening and was consulted at every stage of the process
  • The hotel was exceptional
  • I had the support network of women who had been in my situation
  • I had friends in my second week to support and encourage me
  • I never felt alone at any stage in those two weeks


  • I wish my family had been there
  • I should have taken 3 weeks off work
  • I should have done it years ago!
- Jane
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