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Essentials of Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery – Part II

The first part in this series highlighted the importance of the educational qualifications and expertise level of your surgeon. Click here to read part I. The next thing on the list of important things to remember before you decide on your Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery is: Medical and emergency facilities available in the hospital. While many people … Continued

What to keep in mind while going for a Plastic Surgery

While there are many aspects that one should keep in mind before undergoing a Plastic Surgery, some aspects are such that they just cannot be overlooked. They are: The Surgeon: Find out all possible information about the success rate of the surgeon, apart from his education, international certifications, and experience. After all, the surgeon is … Continued

Why a Tummy Tuck Surgery in Malaysia/Thailand Makes Sense

Do you want a flatter, tighter, well-toned stomach? Do you think you could do with losing a few inches from your tummy but hesitate due to the high cost of such procedures in Australia and New Zealand? If your answer to the above questions is yes, there’s good news for you. Quality surgeries and post-surgical … Continued

Best Plastic Surgery Options in Malaysia and Thailand

In an age when looks of individuals matter to a considerable degree in both personal and professional lives, it is no wonder that each one of us wants to look and offer the best that we can. The feel-good factor associated with ones looks and personality has been an important aspect of human life since … Continued

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