Medical tourism Thailand

The best and most economical destination for Plastic Surgery

This is the story of Sophia, who is from Sydney, Australia. Sophia looked gorgeous in her twenties and thirties. After her marriage with Tom, she had two lovely kids. After the birth of her children, Sophia was not able to concentrate on her physical well being because she always tried to give her best to … Continued

Dos and Don’ts of Cosmetic Surgery

For quite some time now, many Australians seem to opt for destinations like Malaysia and Thailand for different types of cosmetic surgeries. While it has been proved beyond doubt that Malaysia and Thailand have many world-class hospitals and very competent and expert cosmetic surgeons who successfully carry out thousands of surgeries every year, it is … Continued

Why Cosmetic Surgery?

It is now a subject of discussion as to why more and more Australians are opting for cosmetic surgery. The number of people, more females than males; going under the knife for cosmetic surgery is increasing every year. Some experts say that the emergence of low cost yet quality outcome cosmetic surgery destinations has added … Continued

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