Prince Court Medical Centre

Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) is a private healthcare facility in Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia. Constructed by a multinational healthcare corporation with the vision of being the forerunner in the provision of clinical services and patient care delivery.

Prince Court Medical Centre

This state-of-the-art medical centre provides the very best cosmetic surgery Malaysia, and the world has to offer. Their unique approach is one of changing the general perception of hospitals, moving away from a place where goes when they are sick, to a place one goes in order to feel better.

Cosmetic procedure: patient care
Patients are given the option of either single rooms or suites.

Each of the 286 beds has a 300m² share of the overall floor space, compared with international benchmarks of 130m² to 150m², which reflects a very high level of quality.

Leading healthcare provider
The increasing demand for state-of-the-art healthcare services provides a unique opportunity for PCMC to position itself as the leading healthcare provider organization in Malaysia and South-East Asia.

Clinical Services Offered:

All Specialties, with the exception of Psychiatry, are offered covering:

  • Cosmetic plastic surgery
  • Women and Child
  • Urology, Nephrology and Men´s Health
  • Heart, Vessel and Stroke
  • Cosmetology, Plastic and Burns
  • Cancer Services


Upgrading your hospital room

The standard cosmetic surgery holiday package price includes your hospital stay in a single, private room. However you can chose to upgrade to a larger room. If this is the case, let us know and we will work out the added cost of the upgrade.

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