Vaccinations, Visas & Passports

Vaccination Requirements

Before departing for your cosmetic surgery holiday in Malaysia, please consult your GP for vaccination advice no later than six weeks before your departure. Many people do not need to be vaccinated in order to travel to Malaysia, however your doctor or GP is the best judge of whether or not any vaccinations are required.

Although malaria is widespread in rural Malaysia, the risk in Kuala Lumpur and other large ‘westernised’ cities is very low. Be sure to tell your GP that you are travelling to have cosmetic surgery abroad so they can advise you accordingly.

Visa & Passport Requirements

Citizens of New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada and the UK do not need a visa if they are staying in Malaysia for less than three months. Like many other countries, it is important that you have at least six months left on your passport at time of travel for cosmetic surgery in Malaysia.

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