Prices & Payment Information

Cosmetic Surgery Prices

Prices quoted by Beautiful You Holidays are for planning purposes only to assist you in budgeting for cosmetic surgery abroad. The prices shown are for standard, non-complicated cases, based on ‘standard’ rates and the information that you have provided.

The overall cost of your cosmetic surgery can affected by not providing accurate & up to date photographs of yourself, not providing accurate medical information which may affect the procedure, making last minute changes to your cosmetic surgery package.

Payment for your cosmetic surgery holiday to Beautiful You Holidays can be made with the NZ or Australian Dollar (or your local currency), or can be made using the Malaysian Ringitt. Please let us know beforehand which currency you will be paying with. The exchange rate will be whatever the banks charge on the day of payment.

Payment for cosmetic surgery abroad with Beautiful You Holidays is made upon arrival. We do not take deposits prior to departure. The total cost of your surgery is payable when you have your preliminary meeting with your cosmetic surgeon.

Please take into consideration that any different or additional surgery, nights in hospital, medications or personal nursing must be paid to Beautiful You Holidays at the time of care.

Currency and Payment

See for exchange rates.
Note: the above website is indicative only.

Bear in mind that due to exchange rates naturally fluctuating, the quoted cost at time of booking may be different to the cost at time of payment. The exchange rate on the day of payment is the one we, and our cosmetic surgeons use. Unless a major currency crashes, the difference will be negligible.

Communicate with your bank

It is important to let your bank know in advance of departure that you will be making large payments in Malaysia so you don’t have any trouble with stopped credit or debit cards.

Coming with a debit card?

If you are planning on coming to Malaysia for cosmetic surgery abroad with a debit card, we also strongly advise that you bring a credit card with you as well, for any unexpected expenses.

Cancellation Policies

If you choose not to go ahead with your cosmetic procedure and decide to cancel, there are no cancellation charges for the surgery. However they may be cancellation charges with your accommodation.

Your hotel or apartment booking must be paid in full, 30 days prior to arrival. Booking not paid for will mean cancellation of both your cosmetic surgery consultation and accommodation.

Cancellations of your of your hotel or apartment will be charged 5 nights accommodation costs for administration fees.

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