Post-operative Depression

After having cosmetic plastic surgery, it is completely natural to have a couple of ‘low’ days. Many patients experience periods of sadness and anxiety during the recovery period. It is possible to start to second guess if you made the right decision to have cosmetic plastic surgery.

You may have expected to feel and look better immediately but instead after your cosmetic surgery you will have some bruising and swelling and what we define as the ‘ugly’ days! These feeling are completely normal, they don’t last for long, and you are not alone in your feelings.

Depression or sadness after your cosmetic surgery procedure

After your cosmetic plastic surgery procedure you may experience a period of depression or sadness due to the anesthesia or medications.

Added to the fact that you will probably be bedridden, bruised and swollen (depending on the type of cosmetic plastic surgery you have had).

Emotional preparation for surgery overseas

The period of adrenaline prior to your cosmetic procedure will now be gone, so some people are left feeling flat after the anticipation stress is gone. This will be the same for any cosmetic procedure such as liposuction, abdominoplasty/tummy tuck, breast augmentation or facelift for example.

Every person is different

Every person differs with their pain and discomfort, but generally most people will have a hard couple of days immediately after cosmetic plastic surgery, just remember that soon it will be over and you will be looking a million dollars and it will all be worth it!

Is there anything that can help?

There are some remedies that can help you get on your feet and feel better again. Drinking plenty of water helps greatly with recovery after your cosmetic procedure, as does the herbal supplement “Arnica”.

Part of the natural healing process

Being aware that you will go through these feelings will make you better able to cope in the difficult first days, so if you feel depressed, understanding that this is a “natural” phase of the healing process after the cosmetic plastic surgery may help you to cope with this emotional state.

Keep perspective – it´s only temporary

It is important to keep things in perspective and prepare your mind and understand that this is just a low that you are going through temporarily and it will have soon passed.

Support is available

If you need extra support, speak with the Beautiful You Holidays representative assigned to you – they are very experienced, understand what you are going through and will help you through it.

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