Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery
Breast augmentation is typically carried out to improve the shape or size of breasts or balance a difference in breast size. The procedure is performed by inserting a breast implant above the breast muscle or behind the 
breast tissue. There are varying designs, shapes and sizes of implants available, they come in a range of different materials. Using a variety of incision locations, the implants can be placed in different positions. The main goal is to leave your breasts looking as natural as possible, while enlarging them to your desired size.

A common recommendation is to treat the sagging appearance that results from pregnancy and aging is getting a breast lift and breast augmentation be performed at
 the same time. During this combined procedure, some breast tissue is
 removed, the breast skin is tightened and lifted, and an implant is inserted.

There are 4 different incisions:

  • Under the breast (inframammary incision)
  • Around the nipple (peri-areolar incision)
  • In the arm pit (transaxillary incision)
  • In the navel area (trans-umbilical or TUBA incision)

The 3 positions for implant placement:

  • Above the pectoral muscles (sub-glandular)
  • Partially behind the muscles (partial sub-muscular)
  • Completely behind the muscles (complete sub-muscular)

When undergoing breast augmentation such as breast implants, a breast lift or breast reduction, the recovery period is a very personal time. By combining breast augmentation with a few weeks away from home means you can undergo plastic surgery abroad and recuperate in privacy.

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