Plastic Surgery Package: Face Package 1

Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation Rhinoplasty One of the most common facial cosmetic surgery procedures is the nose-job, or rhinoplasty. But for many people the costs of having this done in New Zealand or Australia can be prohibitive. However did you know that having nose surgery abroad can be much less expensive, and with Beautiful You Holidays, we will arrange everything for you. From the moment you arrive we will collect you from the airport, take you to your five star hotel or apartment and arrange your first face to face visit with your cosmetic surgeon. Our ground staff will be on hand to assist & advise you throughout your stay. Included in this nose surgery abroad package:

  • The Surgical Procedure
  • 1 nights stay in the Hospital
  • 10 days at Seri Raja Chulan Apartments (3 Bedroom sleeps 5 people)
  • Complete Haematology Test Analysis
  • Pre and Post-Operative Consultations
  • Transportation
  • Airport Transfers
$7,010 $5,166 $5,289 £3,675 €4,485
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