Peace of Mind for those contemplating surgery in Malaysia

“Peace of Mind” for those contemplating surgery in Malaysia. I first considered cosmetic plastic surgery after watching a piece on the program ‘Sunday’ regarding a women who went to K.L. for quite extensive surgery. I subsequently read numerous articles and researched Malaysia and Dr. Jalil in particular.

Fortunately I chose to ignore well-meaning friend’s negative advice regarding surgery overseas in so called 3rd world countries. Nothing could have been more opposite. I had my cosmetic plastic surgery done in July 2007 and am absolutely thrilled with the outcome!

The facelift and jowl surgery have definitely taken a good 10 years off. It is with quiet smugness I smile to myself that I made the right decision in having my cosmetic procedure in K.L. Seeing friends and family for the 1st time after cosmetic plastic surgery the feedback has been fantastic. The most positive being from a close friend who can be a little critical and certainly holds no punches, her first comment was “My God I want one”.

Meeting Dr. Jalil for the first time certainly put my mind at ease. Whilst his professionalism is unquestionable, his easy going nature allows you to feel no question is too stupid to ask.

The Ampang Puteri Hospital definitely surpasses any I have been to in N.Z. The continually smiling faces and friendly disposition of the nursing staff make you feel like you are in the care of the most professional staff at any five star hotel.

- Claire N, Auckland, New Zealand | Cosmetic plastic surgery
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