Packing For Your Trip

You won´t need to pack much for your cosmetic surgery holiday as the shopping in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is great, and the weather is very warm so you only need light clothing.

You probably won’t be able to help yourself spending as everything is still very cheap here. Remember that if you purchase too much, you will have to pay excess baggage!

Clothing during your stay

Malaysia is a conservative society, so it is best to cover up with light clothing such as:

  • Long cotton shirts
  • Shorts
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • It is best to wear loose clothing for comfort, and this will also keep you cool.

Laundry services

There is a laundry on the 10th floor of the apartments, and room service laundry at the Shangri-la Hotel.


Most places you go to in Malaysia are air-conditioned, including trains and taxis, so you can dress up when you go out somewhere special.

Cosmetic surgery scars

You will need to cover-up to keep any cosmetic plastic surgery scars out of the sun e.g. tummy tuck scars, facelift scars

Wearing large hats, sunscreen and lightweight scarves all help.

Facelift treatments

If you are having any cosmetic plastic surgery face treatments such as face lift or facial surgery, bring a scarf for your head and face and big dark sunglasses for the first few days.

We also recommend a shirt with two pockets on the front for your drainage pouches which you will have for the first 2 days after your cosmetic plastic surgery treatment.

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