Breast Packages

Breast Packages

By combining breast augmentation with 10 days away from home means you can undergo plastic surgery overseas and recuperate in privacy.

At Beautiful You Holidays we combine cosmetic surgery with five star accommodation. A member of our team will be allocated to look after you throughout your stay.

Having cosmetic surgery overseas has never been easier as we arrange everything from your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon to your accommodation in our selection of five star accommodation. Below are some guide prices for overseas breast implants

Cosmetic surgery holidays with Beautiful You Holidays allows you to undergo cosmetic surgery overseas, and relax and recuperate in complete luxury and privacy. We will be with you every step of the way, from landing at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, pre and post surgery consultations and dropping you off at the airport so you can return home feeling refreshed and beautiful.

This cosmetic surgery package includes:

  • The surgical procedure
  • 1 nights stay in the hospital (except for breast reduction + lift 2 nights)
  • 14 nights in the hotel of your choice
  • Complete haematology test analysis
  • Pre and post-operative consultations
  • Transportation
  • Airport transfers
Breast Augmentation 5583 6172 5187 3115
Breast Lift 5066 5601 4707 2827
Breast lift + augmentation 8000 8844 7433 4465
Breast Reduction + lift 6000 6633 5574 3349
Implant Removal 2163 2391 2009 1207

*Prices based on round silicone ‘Mentor’ implants.

Please Enquire here for anatomical implant (tear drop) or Brazilian furry implant.

* Please note you will be paying in Malaysian Ringgit. The prices above are based on the exchange rate 3rd May 2014. Your rate will be based on the conversion rate at the time of payment. Please check todays rate on

Swiss Garden (Apartments) 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms From $120 per night Breakfast for two, free Wi-Fi, 20 % off
Food and beverages
MiCasa (Apartments) 1 & 2 Bedrooms From $145 per night Breakfast for one, free Wi-Fi
St Marys (Private Company Apartment) 2 Bedrooms $140 x 1 person, $180 x 2
person per night
Monday – Friday maid service, free Wi-
Fi, Astro
Doubletree Hilton Hotel Deluxe twin or king $135 for 1 or 2 person per night Breakfast for two, free Wi-Fi, 20 % off
food and beverages
After surgery breakfasts can be ordered in your room (excluding St Marys)
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