Shopping in Malaysia

Like any capital city, Kuala Lumpur offers excellent shopping with no less than 66 shopping malls packed with all your favourite designer fashion houses such as GAP, Gucci and Armani, to name but a few. The KLCC is a shopping mall nestled beneath the vertiginous Petronas Towers which reach a height of 1,483 ft. This is the city’s most visited shopping mall, and for good reason as it has something for everyone with many recognisable brands and outlets. And yes, there is a Starbucks!

Elsewhere in the city you will come across many street stalls and markets selling everything from fabrics, clothing and handicrafts to fresh meat & fish, spices and authentic cuisine. Haggling is the norm on many market stalls, where you and the vendor negotiate the selling price. This may be daunting for those not used to haggling a price, however Malaysian stall holders are cheery and welcoming, and haggling is a great way to open up a dialogue with the locals, find authentic places to eat and drink and discover the ‘real’ Malaysia.

Opening hours can appear erratic and sporadic in many of the local shops, but most are usually open between 10am and 10pm, possible having and extended lunch break mid afternoon.

Currency in Malaysia is the Ringgit which has the currency code MYR. One ringit is divided into 100 sen (cents) and is worth approximately 0.4 of a New Zealand dollar. Or 1 New Zealand Dollar is approximately 2.5 Ringgit (Ringgit is both plural and singular, like fish).

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Nearly everywhere takes credit card – Visa or Mastercard – for shopping, however you will need cash for shopping in the markets, taking taxis or the monorail.

Please note that American Express (AMEX) is not widely accepted in the shops.

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