Malaysian Culture

Malaysia is a multicultural and multi-lingual society. The huge number of ethnic groups which have settled in this country has made the Malaysian people extremely welcoming and friendly. Cultural influences include Chinese, Indian, Persian, Arabic, Indonesian and British influences, however unlike Britain, Malaysia is not ruled by the clock, being more person centred instead.

In light of this, you may find that your appointment times could be subject to change. This is not due to poor quality of care or poor time keeping, but simply a result of the cultural difference between the western world and Malayan culture. This is not a cause for concern as your appointments will not be cancelled, just possibly delayed a few hours or possibly the following day should an emergency take priority.

Our cosmetic surgeons abroad are very flexible and this can be of benefit to you should you choose to delay your procedure at short notice. As mentioned, our cosmetic surgeons in Malaysia are very people centred and will do everything in their power to ensure all plastic surgery holidays are as pleasant an experience as possible.

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