I am absolutely delighted with my results

I am absolutely delighted with my results. I don’t know if Eddie or Ginny told you but my recovery was ‘remarkable’ to quote Dr Wong. My bruising is all but disappeared, and other than the usual tightness/numbness on the side of my face, and under the neck I look to everybody else very normal, except that I look glowing. My PA just said to me about 30 mins ago, ‘Linda, you look like you already have had a great holiday, you are looking so well’. I was absolutely delighted, considering I have no makeup on at all.

Dr Wong has taken years off me, but has still left me looking natural. Martyn, my husband is really impressed with the results. Thank you for the wonderful service your company gave me. I mainly dealt with Ginny, and she was an amazing, especially as I was alone. I would never have been able to do it without her support. We struck up quite a friendship. It was also nice to have Chris and Juliet beside me because we all went out together, as bruised and battered tourists!

I just love what Dr Wong has done, he’s taken away the jowls and horrible wrinkles at the neck, yet still managed to leave my facial personality, so nothing is obvious. Some younger, returning staff have commented, ‘Hey Linda, you look like you have had a great holiday,’ … and so I have!

Kind regards

- Linda
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