Promenade Plastic Surgery

Promenade Plastic Surgery (PPC): Dr. Steve Wong


Promenade Plastic Surgery is a day care centre which is dedicated to cosmetic surgery. The facilities, nursing care, staff and specialised equipment conforms to international standards.

All operations are performed by Dr.Steve Wong K.S.

This is a very private and comfortable hospital which has a very released atmosphere to help with the anxiety patients naturally get.


Most of the surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia, with sedation. In some circumstances, where necessary, a specialist consultant will administer a general anaesthesia.

Depending on what surgery you have will determine how long you have to stay. A patient could be discharged minutes or up to several hours after an operation.

There are several procedures that require an overnight stay, and not be carried out here with the outpatient basis. When these surgeries come up arrangements will be made for the surgery to be performed at a private hospital that has inpatient facilities.

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