Get round to ringing you today

Did mean to get round to ringing you today but busy unpacking and catching up with the kids, off to work tomorrow. Just wanted to thank you for organising such a wonderful experience for us. Everything went according to plan and your ground staff in KL – Ann, Eya and Liz – are amazing people. They catered to our every need and were really friendly and easygoing. It was also lovely to meet up with Dr Victor who is going to email me some details of the surgery we discussed.

Gerry ended up only having Lasik surgery on one eye, as he uses the other for reading, so took the suggestion from Dr Khaw – and he can always have the other eye done at a later date. However my short sightedness and astigmatism prompted me to have both eyes done, one slightly under corrected, and I am thrilled. I do need reading glasses but only for really small print like the phone book and some newspaper articles, so instead of having glasses on 80% of the time I now have them on less than 10% – a fantastic result – plus the bonus of getting prescription reading glasses for RM68!

Our dental treatments were also a huge success. Gerry ended up only having 4 crowns and teeth whitening and some fillings replaced and I had a bridge and about 12 crowns and a root canal. Dr Syed is very talented and we are thrilled with the results.

There are a couple of suggestions I have regarding both the dentistry and eye surgery that I will ring you about, and that may be beneficial to future clients. Also if you have any clients with queries regarding similar treatments to ours we are more than happy for you to put them in touch with us. I really appreciated being able to talk to Bruce about his dentistry prior to leaving.

I have kept the receipts as you asked and paid Horizon Holidays for the extra accommodation – I think it was RM1,400 – but I can confirm that when we speak.

Anyway, thanks once again for all your organisation and all the tips re the shopping, eating etc – we had a great time trying all the different foods in Pavilion, shopping in Petaling St and Sungwei Wang and are looking forward to a return trip.

Will keep in touch.

Kind Regards
Kerry & Gerry

- Kerry & Gerry
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