Essentials of Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery – Part III

The first and second parts in this series highlighted the importance of the surgeon’s qualification and expertise, the medical facility, and the costs involved in a Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery. Read part I and part II.

This is the third and last part in this series. This article deals with the following two important aspects of Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery:

  • You body type and readiness of the body for a plastic surgery procedure
  • Post surgery care

Your first and foremost duty as a patient is to tell the truth about your physical condition to the surgeon. Do not consider any aspect of your body conditions to be unimportant. Never take anything for granted. Though the hospital will conduct all possible tests before you are operated upon; it is better you tell your surgeon about any diseases that you may have.

Inform the surgeon if you have blood pressure problems, or a history of cardiovascular disease or heart condition, or an allergy to particular substances or medicines, and the like. Tell the surgeon if you were operated upon earlier for any particular condition. While you might feel that telling about some minors issues is not required, but it might be very important for the surgeon to be aware of such issues.

The point is that you should not keep any information about your physical being from the surgeon. Let the surgeon decide what is important and what is not. By giving away all possible information to the surgeon, you will help them to do their job to the best of their abilities.Because the more you share with the surgeon, the better they are placed to serve you,and in the end, you are the one who will benefit most from this timely transfer of information.

Now we come to the last important aspect of your surgery: post surgery care.

As the importance of the success of the actual surgery procedure cannot be denied, the importance of this aspect can also not be overlooked.

There have been many cases in medical science history that underscore the importance of post surgery care. People who become complacent and do not pay heed to post-surgery precautions outlined by the surgeon and hospital staff have had to pay a heavy price for their negligence. Similarly, hospital staff members who do not take requisite care of patients inevitably put them in danger. So it is very important that you choose a hospital that has a very good reputation for operation success rate and is known for post-operative care.

If you take adequate care of the aspects outlined in this article series, chances are that you will definitely get the best possible results from your Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery. While there might be many other aspects that might influence the success rate of a surgery, the ones outlined here, more often than not, are the most important ones.

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