Essentials of Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery – Part I

Let’s face the truth! Absence of regular workouts, hectic work schedules, and our lifestyle choices make it very difficult for many of us to look and feel good. There is so much on everybody’s plate that we just cannot take out time from our busy routines to get back in shape. Thankfully, because of advances in medical science, safe corrective procedures are now easily available in the form of Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery. These procedures have become very popular among men and women alike because of the benefits they provide and also because of the availability of trained and internationally accredited surgeons in countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

But before you take that crucial decision of going under the knife for your Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery, there are things you should consider that many people just seem to overlook. This three-part article series aims to give you a sneak peek into important points that you need to pay attention to and follow for your own monetary and physical benefit. If you choose to ignore them, you do so at your own risk!

To get the best out of your Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery, pay attention to the following:

  • Educational qualification,and expertise of the doctor
  • Medical and emergency facilities available in the hospital
  • Costs involved in the surgery
  • Your body type and readiness of the body for the procedure
  • Post-surgery care

Educationalqualification and expertise of the doctor

It is common knowledge that the more learned and experienced an artist; better is the art that they produce. It is the same with medical procedures too.

The educational qualifications and experience level of a doctor in performing a certain kind of procedure is of paramount importance.

So before you zero in on a particular surgeon, get to know more about their educational qualifications. Get information about the international accreditation of the doctor. Check and verify the claims of the hospital about the number of similar procedures successfully completed by the doctor. Many stories about botched up procedures do the rounds in medical circles. While some might be false propaganda, few certainly have some juice in them. If you don’t want to be part of such a story, do your homework well in advance and then make your call on the surgeon.

While any medical procedure has some inherent risks involved, you can surely do your part to minimize the risk and maximize the output. You can also meet people who were operated by the surgeon earlier. Such meetings allay your fears of the surgery and boost your confidence about the surgeon too. Being positive certainly helps during the surgery and also aids in the recovery after the surgery.

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