Efforts in my tummy tuck surgery


I haven’t been in touch since my return to New Zealand but I did want to thank you very much for your efforts in organizing my tummy tuck surgery.

Dr Jalil and I got on extremely well, and I was well pleased with his work. My lower abdomen is still somewhat swollen, but that’s to be expected after major surgery. I am persevering with the compression garment and looking forward to my body taking final shape.

The hospital, Anaesthetist and staff were also all I could have wished for, so altogether it was a good experience and one that is great to have behind me.

I should add, that Gerlinde was also noteworthy as my support and escort at the KL end. I particularly appreciated her help being on my own. She was thoughtful, friendly, professional and obliging – I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

- Mary
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