Dos and Don’ts of Cosmetic Surgery

For quite some time now, many Australians seem to opt for destinations like Malaysia and Thailand for different types of cosmetic surgeries. While it has been proved beyond doubt that Malaysia and Thailand have many world-class hospitals and very competent and expert cosmetic surgeons who successfully carry out thousands of surgeries every year, it is advised that patients need to be diligent before finalizing on the hospital and surgeon for their surgery. Patients also need to use the right channels to plan their surgeries in Malaysia and Thailand and avoid relying on half-baked truths fed to them by unreliable sources.

It is a fact that whether a cosmetic surgery is carried out in Australia or in Malaysia/Thailand, there is always a remote chance that the surgery may go wrong. A certain amount of risk is always present and depends upon various factors such as age of the patient, previous ailments, nature and complexity of the surgery, and last but not the least, the confidence, experience, and expertise of the cosmetic surgeon.

It is in the patient’s interest to adhere to certain dos and don’ts before undergoing cosmetic surgery. Here is the list:


Find out information about your doctor/cosmetic surgeon and hospital

  • Find out statistics as to how many similar cosmetic surgeries has he/she performed in the past
  • Learn about the international accreditations and educational qualifications of the doctor/cosmetic surgeon
  • Find out the success rate of the cosmetic surgeries performed by the respective doctor/cosmetic surgeon
  • Look at his previous work and meet up with people who have used the doctor’s services for similar surgeries, if possible
  • Find out facts about the hospital’s reputation, available medical facilities, medical equipment, medical emergency preparedness and cost of surgery
  • Confirm the post-surgery procedure and care and make sure that you get the best of both
  • Talk to your doctor to completely understand the nature of your surgery and possible implications
  • Talk to your doctor and set realistic goals about your surgery. If you have fancy ideas about the surgery, the doctor will help you align your thoughts with possibilities so that you are happy with the outcome of the surgery

It is strongly recommended that you take professional advice from a company that will guide you through your cosmetic surgery


  • Have unrealistic dreams about the surgery and its outcome. Your doctor is the best person who can tell you the exact outcome
  • Rely on hearsay. Instead, always seek and rely on expert guidance that will give you a clear idea about what to expect and what not to expect from your cosmetic surgery
  • Be pessimistic about the scenario. Instead, be very optimistic about the surgery because a positive frame of mind helps the body to heal better and quicker
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