Resorative Treatment

More and more people desire to have perfectly straight and pearly white teeth, and thanks to modern dental techniques and restorative treatments, almost anything is possible. Stained, chipped, cracked and decayed teeth can be restored by whitening, filling, adding crowns and veneers or by root canal treatment; a viable alternative to extraction of badly decayed teeth.


Where extraction is the only option, our cosmetic dentists can rebuild and restore your teeth with dentures. These can be modelled on your own teeth prior to extraction or you can have a completely new set made. Dentures can replace just one or two missing teeth or the entire set, allowing for normal speech, eating and jaw alignment. Dentures are removable for cleaning and greater comfort when sleeping.


Crown & Bridge

A crown is a porcelain cap designed to perfectly match the rest of your teeth. It provides both structural and aesthetic restoration, refilling badly dacayed teeth and restoring thien to their former glory.

A bridge is where two or more crowns are fixed together as a fixed prosthesis which unlike a denture, is not removable. A bridge has a distinct benefit over dentures in that is does not invade the roof of the mouth and therefore does not affect your speech or normal eating patterns. Abridge also feel much more natural than dentures are or often the prefered option of tooth replacement.

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