General Treatment


Silver-grey coloured amalgam fillings can be replaced with white composite fillings which give a better aesthetic appearance.


Scaling & Polishing

Scaling is a basic but nevertheless a very important part of dental care. It should be done on a regular basis; ideally it should be done once every six months.

A scale and polish is necessary maintenance for your teeth as it removes calculus and hardened stains which cannot be removed with normal brushing. Ideally you should have a scale and polish every six months. Our cosmetic dentists use ultrasonic scalers before giving your teeth a polish which gives them an attractive glossy finish, creating the perfect smile.

dental before and after

Air-jet Polishing

Stubborn stains from caffeine, tannin and tobacco can be easily removed using air-jet polishing. This is a non invasive method which gives immediate results and long lasting whiteness.

Preventative Treatments

Fluoride and fissure sealant is a special coating which is applied to the back molar teeth to prevent decay. These teeth often have tiny fissures in which food can become impacted and trapped which in time, can cause premature decay.

By filling these fissures with a fluoride treatment makes teeth stronger and far less prone to decay. This treatment can be conducted on healthy teeth as well as those showing signs of decay. It is suitable for both children and adults.

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