Cosmetic Surgery Holiday in Malaysia and Thailand

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, plenty of options are now available to Australians. Only a few years ago, wealthy Australians paid huge sums of money to either local doctors or to medical facilities in the U.S. or U.K. for their cosmetic surgeries. This was the norm because it was a general belief that reliable and advanced treatment was available primarily only in these places. The expensive nature of these cosmetic surgeries prohibited many Australians from getting them done either at home or abroad and as a result, these people lived their lives with that scar on the face or that tummy fat they so badly wanted to do away with.

The turn of the century brought with it welcome news for people who wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery and change some aspect of their looks. Many new destinations emerged on the medical tourism map and doctors and hospitals in countries like Australia and the U.S. started facing the heat. This new development was welcomed by people with open arms but was akinto a warning bell for doctors and hospitals in developed countries. Many of them indulged in negative marketing and attacked the concept of medical tourism with aggression. With their very existence at stake, these doctors and hospitals in Australia could do little other than participate in such practices.

As is with all growth stories, there are some concrete reasons for the growth of medical tourism in places like Malaysia and Thailand. These new destinations offer patients the same standard of medical care and in some cases, even more advanced and modern cosmetic surgery procedures. What could be accomplished in Australia at a higher cost can now be easily accomplished in Malaysia and Thailand at a much lower cost.

When patients compare various aspects like the quality of cosmetic surgery procedures, quality of hospitals, knowledge and experience of cosmetic surgeons in Australia and Malaysia/Thailand, they come to the conclusion that both Malaysia and Thailand are second to none, and when they compare the cost of surgeries in Australia and Malaysia/Thailand, they are pleasantly surprised to know that the cost is much lower at these destinations. So when the same thing is on offer at two different prices, it’s no wonder that Australians now choose the low-cost-but-high-quality Malaysia and Thailand for cosmetic surgeries.

Apparently, there seems to be one more reason for Australians to flock to Malaysia and Thailand. Apart from great hospitals and competent cosmetic surgeons, these two countries are very scenic tourist spots too. Not many of us can resist the temptation of recovering from a surgery while enjoying a holiday at a five-star hotel in style. Apparently, Malaysia and Thailand treat their visitors well, both in the hospitals and through their hospitality.

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