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Types of Anaesthesia and Your Anaethetist

Types of Anaesthesia During surgery, you will be given some form of anaesthesia, which is medication administered for the relief of pain and sensation during surgery. The type and dosage of anaesthesia is administered by the anaethetist. When a patient faces surgery, he or she will meet with the anaethetist before the procedure. The anaethetist … Continued

How Safe is Cosmetic Surgery Tourism?

As an alternative to prohibitively expensive domestic cosmetic surgery, many people are now considering travelling overseas, where treatments and procedures are much less expensive. We’ve all heard the horror stories of botched cosmetic work and uncertified surgeons, but how reliable are these stories? Obviously there are risks that come with travelling overseas for medical procedures. … Continued

Five Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

What can I do in Kuala Lumpur while recovering from surgery? Recovery from surgery can be a draining process. Not only do you have to be mindful of your sutures or wounds, but the anaesthetics and other drugs can make you feel lethargic. But you’re also on holiday – who wants to spend the entire … Continued

10% of NZ Women Want Cosmetic Surgery for Christmas

A recent survey revealed that some 10% of New Zealand’s women would like to alter or improve their looks with cosmetic surgery for Christmas. The survey, conducted by market research agency Colmar Bunton focused on the difference between male & female spending trends and their Christmas wish lists, in which cosmetic surgery scored 10% amongst … Continued

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