Breast Lift With Augmentation

Cosmetic Surgeon: Dr Jalil

Procedures: Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) and breast lift with augmentation

The total cost of the surgery package, including 15 nights in a 2 bedroom apartment at the Prince Hotel shared with 3 other people:

MYR 39,505
NZD 15,776
AUD 12,506
GBP 8,059

Lisa Costellos case study

We asked one of our customers to share her thoughts, fears and joys with us by keeping a journal of her journey of her cosmetic surgery. Below are some of the highlights of her holiday.

I flew over with my partner and daughter. We arrived at KLIA at 9.30pm (KL time). We gathered our luggage and were met by our driver, who promptly, piled everything into the car and off we went. We drove to the Prince Hotel, to unpack and rest after our long flight.

We woke refreshed and after a gorgeous breakfast in our room, we decided to go see some of the city, and do some shopping.

Edie called me around lunch time to apologise that Dr Jalil was running a bit behind schedule. Dr Jalil did not want to rush our consult, and suggested to reschedule until later in the afternoon, rather than try squeezing me in earlier. I wasn’t disappointed – I was happy not to be rushed and this gave us more time for sightseeing.

My surgery was arranged for tomorrow afternoon. Edie, advised me to fast from 7am.

I met Edie for the 1st time when she picked us up the next morning for my surgery. She was friendly and answered (to the best of her ability) any questions we had about the city, the surgery, taxis, and places to go.

On arrival at the hospital, the nurses and staff were friendly and happy. Dr Jalil is delightful and explained everything to me that would be done… I am having a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and a breast lift and implants (augmentation). After 2 children and losing 45 kilos my poor body has paid the price. Dr Jalil marks out on my body where to cut, where to move and what to remove! I look like a road map!

Then I was fitted for my compression garments… A very glamorous look! (Joking) I was feeling quite relaxed by this point, I had been very nervous up to now.

The nurses come and ask me to put on a surgery gown around 4pm, and wheel me off to surgery, the nurses are still extremely friendly and make me feel calm.

I was in surgery for 6 hours, and it was 1am when I finally found my phone in agroggy haze and messaged my partner “hi”… It was all I could type in the state I was in, but I wanted to let him know that I was ok, as I know he would have been worrying.

The day after my surgery I spent all day today pretty loaded up on morphine… So there isn´t really much to report. I slept, my partner and daughter came to visit (I think I slept while they were here too) then I slept some more, I didn´t have any appetite. I felt quite good, just very dopey.

Day two after my surgery I’m starting to feel human again, I´m able to get up and move around with a bit of help. Edie brought in a beautiful bouquet of orchids for me.

By day three now I´m able to get up and move around on my own , I feel pretty good, and am allowed to go back to the hotel for the rest of my recovery which is great!

Day four post surgery, I’m feeling really good today! I haven´t had to take many pain killers at all. We took a taxi over to `Times Square´ and had a bit of a look around, I only lasted about an hour before I was ready for a rest. I’m still having trouble getting to sleep at night as I can´t lie on my side like I normally do (and you never sleep as well when you´re not in your own bed) so I still need to take a sleeping pill at night.

Day five, post surgery was not a good day today. We haven´t left the apartment.My partner washed my compression garments this morning, and I´ve been really uncomfortable without them while I´ve been waiting for them to dry, so much in fact that I ended up putting them back on before they were completely dry.

Day six wasn’t great either i was very teary and sad today, I´m sick of being in the same apartment and I´m quite home sick too. So we decided to get out of the apartment! We packed up the pram and the baby gear and headed off to the KL Bird Park! It was AWESOME! Getting out and getting some fresh air and seeing some different scenery made a huge difference to my mood! I´ve had a cough that is getting worse, it´s incredibly painful every time I cough or sneeze.

One week since my surgery, so Edie is taking me to see Dr Jalil, he is pleased with how everything is healing and looking! And we’ve decided to do more shopping this afternoon.

Eight days post surgery and I´m feeling fantastic, besides the persistent cough which is hard on my tummy. I´ve gotten some cough mixture to help. Today we went to the Butterfly Park. It was beautiful! By the end of the day my tummy is feeling really tight and quite uncomfortable from the coughing, so I called Edie around 8pm to see if I could get back in to see Dr Jalil tomorrow morning, as I thought that all the coughing had caused fluid to build up around my tummy. Edie messaged me letting me know that she would pick me in the morning to see Dr Jalil first thing.

On day nine, I head straight to Dr Jalil this morning,.The tightness isn´t fluid, it´s from the coughing, there is a small amount of fluid which Dr Jalil drains. I almost passed out whilst having this done, I couldn´t feel a thing, and it didn´t bother me having it done, but I got faint and had to lie down, Dr Jalil assures me that it´s quite normal. For the rest of our time here Nathan, Lola and I just do the “tourist” thing. Check out the Petronas towers, China town, Little India, go to restaurants, shopping malls. There is SO MUCH shopping to be done here and relax.

On the Last day. I saw Dr Jalil this morning, I had a little bit of fluid again, so he drained that. I did much better this time but still had to lie down at the end!
Now for packing… I´m looking forward to getting home with my new body!!!

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