Dos and Don’ts of Cosmetic Surgery

For quite some time now, many Australians seem to opt for destinations like Malaysia and Thailand for different types of cosmetic surgeries. While it has been proved beyond doubt that Malaysia and Thailand have many world-class hospitals and very competent and expert cosmetic surgeons who successfully carry out thousands of surgeries every year, it is … Continued

Cosmetic Surgery Holiday in Malaysia and Thailand

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, plenty of options are now available to Australians. Only a few years ago, wealthy Australians paid huge sums of money to either local doctors or to medical facilities in the U.S. or U.K. for their cosmetic surgeries. This was the norm because it was a general belief that reliable … Continued

Best Cosmetic Surgery Options in Malaysia and Thailand

When it comes to ones looks, people are very particular to cast that important first impression. Men and women alike want to be and look their best when they meet other people. We all know what the reason behind this is. After all, as they say, first impression is the last impression! It may be … Continued

Why Cosmetic Surgery?

It is now a subject of discussion as to why more and more Australians are opting for cosmetic surgery. The number of people, more females than males; going under the knife for cosmetic surgery is increasing every year. Some experts say that the emergence of low cost yet quality outcome cosmetic surgery destinations has added … Continued

Cosmetic Surgery and Holiday in Malaysia or Thailand

For many of us in Australia, the term Medical Tourism might be a recent phenomenon. The fact is that it is quite an ancient concept. The explosion in the number of Australians taking advantage of improvements in both medical technology and standards of care in many other countries like Malaysia and Thailand has popularized the … Continued

Types of Anaesthesia and Your Anaethetist

Types of Anaesthesia During surgery, you will be given some form of anaesthesia, which is medication administered for the relief of pain and sensation during surgery. The type and dosage of anaesthesia is administered by the anaethetist. When a patient faces surgery, he or she will meet with the anaethetist before the procedure. The anaethetist … Continued

How Safe is Cosmetic Surgery Tourism?

As an alternative to prohibitively expensive domestic cosmetic surgery, many people are now considering travelling overseas, where treatments and procedures are much less expensive. We’ve all heard the horror stories of botched cosmetic work and uncertified surgeons, but how reliable are these stories? Obviously there are risks that come with travelling overseas for medical procedures. … Continued

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