Should You Go For Breast Augmentation?

Let’s face the truth! Breasts play a major role in the physical appearance of women and that this fact weighs heavily on every woman’s mind. Women who have a good figure feel more confident and are at ease about themselves, they project positivity around them. They know deep inside that attractive and fuller breasts are … Continued

Breast Woes and What You Can Do About It

Every individual has a unique way of looking at their bodies. Men and women alike enjoy seeing their bodies in perfect shape and size. A perfectly shaped body enhances our self-confidence and helps us give our hundred percent in whatever we do. After all, the world sees us as our bodies project us to the … Continued

Why Breast Augmentation?

It goes without saying that breasts are a very important part of a woman’s personality. So much so, it can be easily said that many a times, women with fuller breasts show more confidence and self assurance, than women whose breasts are either not fully developed or sag because of various reasons due to weight … Continued

The bold decision to investigate

The bold decision to investigate, I had always wanted a boob job. Both my Sister in Laws had them and I think they look really good for them. It wasn’t that they had more confidence they just look proportioned. It made them want to look after themselves more. Go to the gym, not be so … Continued

Efforts in my tummy tuck surgery

I haven’t been in touch since my return to New Zealand but I did want to thank you very much for your efforts in organizing my tummy tuck surgery. Dr Jalil and I got on extremely well, and I was well pleased with his work. My lower abdomen is still somewhat swollen, but that’s to … Continued

I am absolutely delighted with my results

I am absolutely delighted with my results. I don’t know if Eddie or Ginny told you but my recovery was ‘remarkable’ to quote Dr Wong. My bruising is all but disappeared, and other than the usual tightness/numbness on the side of my face, and under the neck I look to everybody else very normal, except … Continued

Get round to ringing you today

Did mean to get round to ringing you today but busy unpacking and catching up with the kids, off to work tomorrow. Just wanted to thank you for organising such a wonderful experience for us. Everything went according to plan and your ground staff in KL – Ann, Eya and Liz – are amazing people. … Continued

I can see that the result is fantastic

Just a quick note to say that we arrived back in Melbourne on Saturday night and I am very happy with the way the surgery has turned out, even though I am still slightly bruised and swollen I can see that the result is fantastic. All went very smoothly, the hotel was great and the … Continued

3 days we were out and about experiencing KL

Dave and I had a wonderful holiday – all but for 3 days we were out and about experiencing KL, Malacca and Singapore. I loved Malaysia for the people who couldn’t be more helpful and nice. We were lucky enough to be included in two evenings with Edie, her hubby and their ex-pat friends which … Continued

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