Beverly Wilshire was eclipsed by the practical experience!

To the next lucky person who maybe privileged enough to have their Dental and/or cosmetic needs met by Dr. How and his attentive staff, I have travelled from New Zealand to Malaysia to specifically have dental cosmetic surgery by Dr. How. Researching Dr. How, his experience, his purpose built clinic; Beverly Wilshire was eclipsed by the practical experience! Dr. How with credentials that read like an elaborate cuisine recipe were irrelevantly ignored and cast aside, as Dr. How – the man, the professional- conducted, carried out personally or had a very close eye directing and guiding his other medical staff moment by moment, step by step, second by second! There was a complete feeling of confidence, familiarity and in total control that oozed from Dr. How. Quick to amend a slight of hand of his chair side assistants, I knew that this man, this true professional, tolerated nothing but excellence! I was in good hands. The result – a twenty year old smile on a 50 plus year old woman. Dr. How had rectified blackened fillings, among other procedures; gave me back my youthful smile. The downside to this international experience: Dr. How did not warn me about side effects i.e. sore “cheekitsis” = sore muscles of the cheek bones due to excessive smiling!

- Shona Munro, New Zealand | Dental Treatments
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