Labiaplasty is a procedure to help improve the aesthetic appearance of the external genitalia. This area is typically comprised of the clitoral hood, labia majora, and labia minora. A labiaplasty refers to improvement in the size and appearance of the labia minora, which can become darkened, enlarged, and sagging from pregnancy or a number of other reasons. A labiaplasty can remove the darkened folds and excess labia minora to help create a more symmetric cleaner appearance of your external genitalia. When the surgeons consult with their patients for labiaplasty they will ask what the patient specifically wants to be improved. They will then create a customized surgical plan to help them achieve the look and feel of what they hope to achieve with labiaplasty surgery.

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Vaginoplasty can refer to anything from tightening the vagina to removing excess scar tissue from an episiotomy or other vaginal trauma.
Vaginoplasty is performed to reconstruct (more or less tighten) the vaginal vault most typically following vaginal delivery child birth. The excess lining of the vagina is removed, and the underlying muscles are sutured together to reduce the size of the vagina and add support to the pelvic floor.
Like any surgery, the experience of the surgeon is the most important element to achieving a good result. Although there is some merit to Kegal exercises, many patients with laxity after natural vaginal delivery fail to obtain sufficient tightening. For these patients, vaginoplasty, tightening of the perineum (pelvic muscles) and vaginal canal muscles from the introits (opening) up to the cervix is typically the best solution.

The procedure is commonly done on an outpatient basis in about an hour under general anesthesia. Recovery is gradual but probably the worst for the first 4-5 days until swelling starts to reside then patients feel better each day thereafter. Sexual activity is usually refrained for about 6 weeks. In a study back in 2009, 87% of vaginoplasty patients were satisfied with their results and had a improved sexual experience.

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