Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Gynecomastia, a condition in all aged men of enlarged breasts. This can be the result of heredity conditions, hormonal changes, disease or the result of use of certain drugs. This can cause emotional discomfort and damage your self-confidence. Affected men may by going as far as avoiding certain physical activities and intimacy simply to hide their condition.

Benefits of Gynecomastia

Where diet and exercise have failed, gynecomastia can improve the appearance of the chest. The results of the procedure are significant and permanent.

Are you an Ideal Candidate?

You can be a suitable candidate for gynecomastia if:

  • Your breast development has stabilized
  • You are physically healthy and of relatively normal weight
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You are bothered by your abnormally, oversized breasts
  • You have realistic expectations

Preparing for Gynecomastia

Before you undergo gynecomastia, it is important for you to discuss any medical conditions that you have and let us know about any medications that you are taking including any herbal or other non-prescription ones.

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Surgical Procedure

The kind of procedure used by your surgeon will depend on the degree of breast enlargement. There is the option of liposuction of the chest wall or removal of the tissue under the breast. In both cases, a small elliptical incision is made on the lower half of the nipple area (areola). For men with tissue that is more glandular in nature, all breast tissue straight below the nipple is removed. Liposuction can provide excellent results for those that have tissue that is fattier. In some people, ultrasonic assisted liposuction is a brilliant approach. During liposuction, a cannula (small suction rod) is inserted into the incision to remove fat and other tissue.
Another procedure is sometimes necessary to remove any tissue that may have been missed during the first procedure. If there is a large amount of extra skin, it may be necessary to remove this tissue, which may result in a large scar.

Before and After Male Breast Reduction


Recovery and Post op care

After the surgery, the chest is temporarily swollen and bruised. You may also experience a burning sensation or numbness. Pain can vary from minimal to moderate, and will last from several days to two weeks depending on the extent of the surgery.
Compression garments will be worn for up to 6 weeks, to keep your skin compressed after the surgery and help with the skin remodeling. We have a local supplier that provides these compression garments if you need to purchase them.
Activity may need to be restricted during the recuperating period. Light activities can be resumed within a few days, although your chest will be sore. Most people are able to return to work within 3-7 days for light work and more strenuous work 2-3 weeks later.
If you have any concerns such as severe pain, discharge in the surgical area, or a general ill feeling with fever, nausea or vomiting, you should call your doctor immediately.
You should avoid exposing the operated area to the sun for at least six months to prevent permanently altering the skin pigmentation.
Recovery time varies from person to person. We provide excellent post-care support, with follow-up visits and programs to assist your recovery.


Recommended length of stay on holiday

10-14 days. During your recovery time, and to achieve the best results, we suggest you take part in other programs we offer – pampering programs, or gentle exercise and yoga classes. At all times, we take special care of you to ensure the right programs for your situation. Depending on how you feel, you may also like to take a tour around Malaysia or neighboring Singapore.

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