3 days we were out and about experiencing KL

Dave and I had a wonderful holiday – all but for 3 days we were out and about experiencing KL, Malacca and Singapore.

I loved Malaysia for the people who couldn’t be more helpful and nice. We were lucky enough to be included in two evenings with Edie, her hubby and their ex-pat friends which really made our trip extra-special.

We loved The Prince Hotel – the staff were lovely, the service great, the room top-notch and it was so central to everything which made it all accessible on foot, a lot of the time.

Edie was wonderful support and as I say included us after hours as well so we considered ourselves very lucky indeed!

I was lucky to have Dave who was very supportive. Each day he would take a photo of my face and every morning he would outline the improvements and offer encouragement.

Dr Jalil is a sweetie – he doesn’t look like a surgeon but he has a lovely sense of humour and a nice gentle way about him. He gave me his card to phone him if I have any concerns at any time.

The most difficult part for me is the ‘psychological’ side. I wrote diary notes for the first week so I can look back on how I felt. Even now, psychologically it is hard at times. I had hoped to come back and no-one know. However my new boss who is a Psychiatrist and medically trained (I started a new job on my return) noticed and my ‘cover is blown’ – he says 5 people from my last place of employment (none of whom have seen me) have asked him if I’ve had a facelift and he has confirmed it – I suspect he has told people as he is renowned for liking a bit of ‘gossip. I am very disappointed. I wasn’t going to tell my children but they also saw a change so I have told them. They took it really well which is a huge relief. My fear is to be ‘judged’ by others and to be ‘defined’ as – “the woman who has had a facelift”. I daren’t tell anyone about the breasts although my hairdresser has already noticed them!! (I can’t get away with anything – aaaarrrgggghhhh!@!@)

My face is still very ‘tight’ feeling and I am sure I have disturbed the stitches in my neck from my chin lipectomy as it has been quite uncomfortable and has swelled in the last week. It is feeling a little more comfortable today thank goodness.

I would like to contact you further down the track when this is all forgotten and I am enjoying ‘the new me’, as this email is sounding a little negative.

7 years ago I had my upper eyelids done and I remember having a ‘mini-crisis’ when it was first done but I have never regretted having it done. I am just getting impatient to ‘feel normal’ but as Dave reminded me last night – it has only been one month since the op.

Thank you for the support Beautiful You provided with liaising, hotel, limousine transfers and support whilst over there. It made the whole trip hassle- free.

All the best with your business in the future. One day it will be ‘commonplace’ to have cosmetic surgery and the ‘stigma’ will be gone

- Carol
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